Annual Blessing For Those in the Healing Ministries
Annual Blessing For Those in the Healing Ministries

Annual Blessing For Those in the Healing Ministries - 11/07/10

On the first Sunday of November, the Church celebrates the Feast of "The Synaxis of the Holy Unmercenaries."  The liturgical service of this feast commemorates 18 professional physicians and other saints noted for healing.
In the service we pray to the Healing Saints for:
- the dispelling of the passions
- that they pour forth streams of healing
- that they pray for the salvation of our souls
- that they deliver from sufferings and disease
- that they heal all the infirm
It is a custom on this Feast to prayer for and bless those in the medical field and related disciplines, as their ministry is to be healers in the Name and by the Power of the Chief Physician, our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Physician of souls and bodies; Thou didst command Thy disciples in Thy Name - to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons.  Thy disciples then, as also today, preach the Good News, whilst Thou dost work with them and confirm Thy word through accompanying signs.  Bless, direct, impart wisdom and skill to those in the healing ministries who resort to Thee as their Chief Physician and Teacher.  Enlighten the mind, purify the heart, strengthen the hands of those in the field of medical healing and the related curative and supporting disciplines.  We pray Thee, enable them to be worthy instruments of Thy healing power; to recall Thy word, - "Freely you have received, freely give," to be free of the love of money, power and glory; seeking to humbly serve those ill in body, soul and spirit.  May their ministry be cultivated in prayer, patience, self-sacrifice and love.  This we ask of Thee, through the intercessions of Thy all-laudable Apostles and worthy Disciples; of the blessed choir of the holy unmercenary physicians: the Apostle and Evangelist Luke, the excellent healer of the infirm; Antipas, Charalampus and Blaise, the most honored hieromartyrs; Spyridon and Modestus, the all-splendid luminaries of the Church; the three pair of divinely wise saints Cosmas and Damian, who shared the same name and the same ways; Cyrus and the glorious John; the divine Panteleimon and Hermolaus; Diomedes and Sampson; together with Mocius, Photius and Anicetas; Artemius, Thalaleus and Tryphon; the Num and deliverer from depression, Maria of Gatchina, the Royal Nun-Martyr Elizabeth of Moscow and the Archbishop and Surgeon Luke of Crimea; and of all the saints who heal in Thy holy Name.  For to Thee belongs all Glory, Honor and Worship, together with Thy Father Who is from everlasting and Thine all-holy and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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