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Venerable Sava the Sanctified
Venerable Sava the Sanctified

Saint Sava the Sanctified was born in the fifth century at Cappadocia of pious Christian parents, John and Sophia. His father was a military commander. Journeying to Alexandria on military matters, John and Sophia left their five-year-old son Sava in the care of an uncle. When the boy reached eight…

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Troparion & Kontakion
Saint Gurias, Archbishop of Kazan
Saint Gurias, Archbishop of Kazan

Saint Gurias, Archbishop of Kazan, (in the world Gregory Rugotin), was the first archbishop of the Kazan diocese, established in 1555. He was born in the town of Radonezh outside Moscow into the family of a courtier. His parents were not wealthy, and so from his early years he had to serve Prince…

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Martyr Anastasius the Fuller of Salona in Dalmatia

The Martyr Anastasius the Fuller lived at Salona in Dalmatia during the third century. He was arrested and brought to trial because of his missionary activity in Salona. Saint Anastasius, boldly and without fear, confessed Christ as the true God and Creator of all. He even painted a cross on his…

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Venerable Karion (Cyrion) and his son, Venerable Zachariah, of Egypt

Saint Karion lived in Scetis in Egypt during the fourth century. He became a monk and left his wife and two children behind in the world. When a famine struck Egypt, Saint Karion’s wife brought the children to the monastery and complained of their poverty and difficulties. The saint took his…

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Venerable Nectarius of Bitolya and Mount Athos

Saint Nectarius of Mount Athos was raised by his father, who became a monk at the monastery of the holy Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian in Bitolya (Bulgaria). He himself was tonsured on Mount Athos, and performed his obedience under experienced spiritual guides, Saint Philotheus and the Elder…

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Venerable Philotheus of Karyes, Mount Athos

Saint Philotheus of Karyes lived an ascetic life on Athos in the cell of Iagari near Karyes. He was the Spiritual Father of Saint Nectarius. Because of the purity of his life, he was granted the gift of clairvoyance.

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Monastic Martyrs of Karyes

The Holy Monastic Martyrs of Karyes were martyred by the Latins who came with fire and sword onto Mount Athos during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Michael Paleologos (1259-1282), an apostate from Orthodoxy. Bursting in upon the Karyes monastery, the Latins burned and devastated the Church of…

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Saint Crispina

Saint Crispina lived at Thacora (Tagora) in Africa, and was arrested for professing Christianity. The proconsul Annius Anullinus presided at her trial at Theveste (or Tebessa) in December of 304. Anullinus asked her if she was aware that she was required by law to offer sacrifice to the gods for…

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