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Venerable Simeon Stylites the Younger of Wonderful Mountain
Venerable Simeon Stylites the Younger of Wonderful Mountain

Saint Simeon the Stylite was born in the year 521 in Antioch, Syria of pious parents John and Martha. From her youth Saint Martha (July 4) prepared herself for a life of virginity and longed for monasticism, but her parents insisted that she marry John. After ardent prayer in a church dedicated to…

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Venerable Nikḗtas the Stylite, Wonderworker of Pereyaslavl, Zalesski
Venerable Nikḗtas the Stylite, Wonderworker of Pereyaslavl, Zalesski

Saint Nikḗtas the Stylite of Pereyaslavl was a native of the city of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky, and he was in charge of collecting taxes. In 1152, Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy founded the city of Pereyaslavl and built a stone church dedicated to the All-Merciful Savior in that new place. Because of the cost…

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Martyr Meletius Stratelates who suffered in Galatia, and those with him

Saint Meletius the General, Stephen, John, Serapion the Egyptian, Callinicus the Sorcerer, Theodore, Faustus and 1218 soldiers, women and children with them. The holy martyr Meletius was a military commander of the Galatia district of Asia Minor during the reign of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius…

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Saint Vincent of Lerins

Born in the late fourth century in Toulouse in Gaul, Saint Vincent initially served in the military, but later left the world to become a monk at the renowned Lérins Monastery, where he was ordained to the priesthood. He is widely known for his work, Commonitorium, which he wrote around the…

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Parish Council Workshop in Trenton 10-3
5:30 Vespers & Compline; Confessions




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No Public Services

Until further notice, there will be no public services at Ss. Peter & Paul due to the Coronavirus.

Zoom Scripture Study - Gospel of St. John


On Wednesday, May 4th, we return to  our Bible Study on the Gospel of St. John  (chapter 10). The study class is held every Wednesday  on Zoom from 7 to 8:00p.m. It  is open to all parishioners and anyone desiring to know better the Holy Gospel.  Please consider inviting whoever you think may be interested!  You may connect to all of the Zoom Meetings using the link or meeting ID below:  https://zoom.us/j/3539391994 

Meeting ID: 353 939 1994 / Password: 181591

Hope to see you on Zoom!


Parishioners and friends of the parish are asked to join the parish mailing  for up-dates and changes in the schedule.  Every Friday, "Parish Notations" are mailed to those on the list with up-dates,  the schedule for the next week and information about our parish life and activities. We cannot sign you up to the Parish E-Mail List, you must do it yourself.  Scroll down for signing-up..

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