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The Society of St. Philaret the Merciful
The Charitable Organization
In 1984, our diocesan hierarch, Archbishop PETER gave his blessing for the establishment of a parish organization to promote charitable causes in the parish and for Orthodox and non-Orthodox communities. The Society of St. Philaret seeks to help parishioners and other needful individuals. In addition to providing concrete help to those needing it; the society strives to educate parishioners in the theology of Christian philanthropy. The work of the society has consisted in: providing meals to sick people in the parish; sponsoring a monthly food basket collection in church; monetary offerings to monasteries and convents; support of Ss. Cosmas & Damian Adult Home; St. Basil's Home for Orphans; Cyprus Children's Fund; Task Force on Hunger and Homelessness; Religious books for college bound students; Persecuted Orthodox Christians; etc. In addition, persons and families have been helped out with food and necessary medicines. The society addresses the needs of parishioners, the larger Orthodox needs and again the needful in and of Somerset County. All donations to the society come from the poor box in church. Anyone in the parish may receive benefits from the society. Please bring the names or situations needing help to the parish rector. Obviously, help provided is done with little fanfare and kept quiet.
The Life of St. Philaret
Saint Philaret the Merciful was a married wealthy man from the area of Paplagonia. He was not only wealthy, but virtuous and freely bestowed his wealth to those less fortunate than himself. It came to pass, that God tested Philaret (like Job of the Old Testament) and he lost much of his wealth. Although his friends disappeared, and his family had to struggle for the basic needs of life, St. Philaret proved to be as generous when poor as he was when rich. God therefore rewarded St. Philaret, granting him even greater riches and blessings than before. Now he was, through the marriage of his daughter, a member of the Royal Court. Even in the midst of great wealth, St. Philaret loved the poor and spent his riches, time and love in caring for all those needful in any manner. At the age of 90, he distributed the last of his belongings and peacefully reposed in the Lord. Miracles occured over his blessed relics.
Ministry Groups
Social Media -

Fr. James Parsells and Jerome Stone

Cemetery Grave Purchase / Care -

Fr. James Parsells, Edward Sarchisian, 

Choir - Diaconissa Patricia Sokol
Church School -

Fr. James Parsells, Jill Peterson, Peter Bakaletz, Rebecca Oliver

Envelopes / Offerings - Katherine Mantzfos
Finance -

Daniel Torrisi and Katherine Mantzfos

Greeters -

Protodeacon Paul Sokol and Ushers

Library -

Maria Torrisi

Painted and Hand-Written Icons - Austin Kachek
Parish Council - Meets every other month. See Parish Council Listing for members and dates
Parish Hall Rental -

Currently in search of Manager

Property Building Care & Repairs - Austin Kachek
Publicity / News Releases -

Fr. James Parsells and Parish Council

Records: Baptisms, Marriages, etc - Fr. James Parsells
St. Philaret Charitable Needs - Fr. James Parsells and Stacey Kita
Stewardship and Gift Giving -

Fr. James Parsells and Peter Bakaletz

Ushers -

Peter Bakaletz

Ways & Means / Fund Raising -

Peter and Susan Gorbatuk

Website Team -

Fr. James, Jerry Stone, Orthodox Web Solutions

Youth Group Leaders -

Peter Bakaletz and Rebecca Oliver

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