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The Orthodox Christian Cemetery of Ss. Peter & Paul is located at 1166 Millstone River Road in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey. (Note Well: The mailing address is 605 Washington Ave., Manville NJ 08835) This Orthodox Christian Cemetery serves the needs of members of the Holy Orthodox Church in Central Jersey. Established in 1915, the 4 acre Cemetery is governed by Ss. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, 605 Washington Avenue, Manville, New Jersey.

  1. The Privilege of Burial
    1. Orthodox Christians of any Orthodox parish may be buried within the cemetery.
    2. A non-Orthodox spouse of an Orthodox person married in the Orthodox Church by an Orthodox priest, and their children brought up in the Orthodox faith may be buried within the cemetery.
    3. Orthodox clergy are permitted to serve the Burial Service, as well as other Memorial services at the cemetery.
    4. Non-Orthodox clergy may serve the Burial service of a non-Orthodox spouse at the cemetery.
    5. Non-Orthodox clergy may not officiate at the burial of an Orthodox Christian.
    6. Persons who have left the Holy Orthodox Church either by adherence to some other religious body or by excommunication or non-fulfilment of their religious obligations, lose the right to burial within the cemetery.

  2. The Cost of a Grave
    1. The price of a grave is $1,900.00. This amount is for the grave ($950.00) and perpetual care ($950.00).
    2. The price of a grave for parishioners in good standing of Ss. Peter and Paul Church in Manville, is $1,500.00. This amount is for the grave ($750.00) and perpetual care ($750.00).
    3. The price of a grave for eligible non-Orthodox spouses of an Orthodox parishioner in good standing is $1,500.00. This amount is for the grave ($750.00) and perpetual care ($750.00).
    4. Graves must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. An acknowledging statement must be signed at the time of purchase, stating that the buyer has read the cemetery regulations and agrees to comply with them. Documentation showing conditional stewardship of the grave shall then be issued.

  3. The Grave Property
    1. In the event a grave needs to be sold back to the cemetery, the amount of $25.00 per year for perpetual care will be deducted, back to the original date of purchase.
    2. Grave property may be handed down through the immediate family, provided that they understand the regulations of privilege of burial remain intact (see A The Privilege of Burial). Cemetery officials must be notified of this transaction and proper documentation issued.
    3. Grave property may not be sold to any other Orthodox Christian or non-Orthodox Christian. Grave property must be sold back to the cemetery at the rate of the original purchase price.

  4. Grave Care and Maintence
    1. At the time of burial, each grave requires an all-concrete vault.
    2. An opening charge is made at the time of burial.This current charge is $1,900.
    3. A name plate marker flush with the ground or head stone marker must be placed on each grave or cluster of graves, identifying the grave within six months of burial. In order to assure this requirement, a deposit of $500.00 must be placed in escrow to cover the cost of a foot marker. This requirement may be waved for parishioners in good standing. Stone markers must not exceed 65 inches in total height and must be marked with a Cross. Statues of any kind may not be erected on any grave in the cemetery. Coping or ledgers are prohibited.
    4. Plants shall be restricted to an area within 18 inches of the headstone, and must not impede the reading of the names on the Cross or headstone nor the mowing of the lawn covering. The cemetery reserves the right to remove, trim, or re-arrange any shrubbery that blocks out the reading or the names on the grave or that is not properly cared for.
    5. Plastic flowers and plants are discouraged.
    6. Trees of any kind may not be planted.
    7. Masonic or non-Orthodox religious symbols may not be erected.
    8. Grave decorations may not be anchored by wires or metal stakes that may damage mowing equipment. The removal of seasonal decorations is not the responsibility of the cemetery but the grave owner.
    9. Foundations for headstones are put in by the cemetery. The cost therefore is determined by the grave ($600 for single grave, $825 for double, $1,000 for triple). and must be paid at the time of grave purchases.
    10. Cemetery officials may be approached for help in securing a headstone or traditional Orthodox Cross.
    11. Perpetual Care includes the following:
      1. the filling in or leveling off of a grave within two months after burial;
      2. seeding of a grave for lawn covering after the above item is accomplished;
      3. mowing of the lawn and trimming around the headstone and;
      4. removing of garbage and debris from the cemetery.
    12. Perpetual Care does not include the trimming of shrubs or plants, nor removal of seasonal decorations from the grave, nor watering of plants or flowers on the grave.
    13. A May Month yearly Cemetery Care Envelope is mailed out to those having graves in the cemetery for a free-will offering for capital improvements and beautification.

  5. Memorial Services
    1. Scheduled Orthodox Memorial Services are held at the cemetery on the "Day of Joy", that is, Monday evening after Thomas Sunday. On the Saturday before Pentecost another general Memorial Service is held. The rector of Ss. Peter and Paul Church in Manville is available for other services that may be requested at the cemetery.

  6. Other Information
    1. To purchase a grave or for more information, contact the rector of Ss. Peter and Paul Church, 605 Washington Avenue, Manville, New Jersey 08835-1856 Phone 908-685-1452.
    2. The Cemetery is open April 1 to September 30 from 9:00am to 7:00pm and from October 1 to March 31, 9:00am to 4:30pm.
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