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Orthodox Cemetery
Saints Peter & Paul Orthodox Cemetery is located at 1166 Millstone River Road  in the township of Hillsborough, New Jersey. This Orthodox Cemetery is open to all members of the Holy Orthodox Church, serving Orthodox Christians of all church jurisdictions and ethnic backgrounds. The 4-acre cemetery is governed by Ss. Peter & Paul Church in Manville, New Jersey. The Cemetery is beautifully landscaped, seeking to provide an honorable burial place for the departed as well as a place for contemplation for the living. Scheduled Orthodox Memorial Services are held at the cemetery on the 9th day after Pascha and on Pentecost Sunday. The priest of Ss. Peter & Paul Church is available for other services that may be requested at the cemetery.

On Visiting the Graves By St. John Chrysostom Archbishop of Constantinople (+ 407) We receive much spiritual benefit when gazing upon graves. For with this view, the soul, if indolent and indifferent, is moved to humility and contrition; if active and eager, the soul becomes more eager for virtue. If someone is grieving his poverty, he is consoled when viewing a grave. If he is prideful over his wealth, he is humbled. The sight of graves forces everyone without wanting to, to think and to contemplate his own death. It convinces him not to consider anything steadfast, neither sorrow nor pleasant. The sight of graves forces us, whether we want it or not, to prepare for our own end.

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For more information, please contact: Saints Peter & Paul Orthodox Church Father James Parsells 605 Washington Avenue Manville, NJ 08835-1856 Voice (908) 685-1452 Fax: (908) 685-1074

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7-8:30 Study Class: John 20:24-31
Fast: wine & oil




9:30 Memorial at Cemetery
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No Public Services

Until further notice, there will be no public services at Ss. Peter & Paul due to the Coronavirus.


The Church is open for all services.  All are welcome! 

As of May 28, 2021 the restrictive regulations on social distancing and the wearing of masks in the church building and church social center have been removed.   There is no longer any Registrations for any services. 

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